HyperGlider® keeps you safe in a durable unsinkable design with stability underfoot, comfort and ease of use.


HyperGlider® puts the Fun, Safety, Quality, and Ease of Use back into boating! Enjoy your boating time knowing there will be little to do when you return from a day on the water!


HyperGlider’s® streamlined looks exhibit speed, spray, and tantalizing excitement!


HyperGlider®  is great for anyone, go fishing, cruising canals, run to the beach, hit the sandbar parties, snorkeling, diving, visiting your favorite restaurants!


HyperGlider® gives “drifting” an entirely new meaning when it comes to being on the water!

Innovative Design

With more than 100 years of combined knowledge in the marine industry our engineering team used the most advanced modeling software technology to create and perfect the HyperGlider®. Our streamlined asymmetrical hulls are lightweight and designed in accordance with industry excepted hydrodynamic principles which provide low drag and high efficiency resulting in maximum performance. Generous overall width affords maximum stability underfoot, while the sleek and buoyant hulls are resistant to surface obstructions and allow safe boating in shallow waters. The one-piece front mounted curved polycarbonate spray shield greatly reduces air turbulence and wind-swept spray to keep the operator and passenger dry. When it comes to control, HyperGlider’s® ergonomic layout with an intuitive steering stick on your left and the outboard motor throttle/shifter on the right lets you take command with the utmost of ease. The outboard motor has an easy to use power tilt function allowing fingertip control located on the throttle/shift control to raise the motor while maintaining steering control without fear of damaging your propeller or the hulls when running in the shallows or up on the beach.


From its very first time on the water the HyperGlider® proved to be easy to operate, startlingly fast and responsive. Using a combination of the world renowned Tohatsu outboard motors in conjunction with the very best stainless-steel propeller technology, there is no boat so nimble on the water or so quick to accelerate and jump up on plane. HyperGlider® gives “drifting” an entirely new meaning when it comes to being on the water. You can go for a comfortable cruise to your local restaurant or you can put the throttle hard forward and start doing doughnuts and drifting power slides for maximum excitement, HyperGlider® can do it all. The HyperGlider® surpasses its every stated objective: safety, speed, dry ride, strength, durability, simplicity, ease of use, low maintenance, responsiveness – and two most important but immeasurable ingredients – exhilaration & fun!

Quality Construction

Strict standards of excellence ensure that each HyperGlider® is built with a high caliber of skill and attention to detail. Water-tightness, laminations, hull-deck bonding, and all other structural details are checked, and double checked throughout the assembly process. All components and accessories are of the highest quality and have been selected to provide the highest level of corrosion resistance and prolong the luster and life span of each ProGlider Boat® being built. Durable impact resistant hulls begin with a vacuum infused vinyl-ester resin layup using a combination of the very best high density closed cell foams, quadraxial fiberglass cloths and carbon fiber materials. Additionally, a series of integral bulkheads both athwartship and longitudinal have been added for increased strength, stability, long term durability and overall safety making the HyperGlider® virtually unsinkable. Parents can feel confident allowing their older teenage children who have completed a boating safety course to use the Hyperglider® without excessive worry.


Safety must always be the first consideration of every boater – experienced and novice alike. Owning a HyperGlider® is a whole new, exciting addition to living unlike any other. Let’s keep it that way. Take a Safe Boating Course, never overmatch yourself with unfriendly weather or sea states, always wear a personal floatation device, always scan ahead for obstructions in the water, never leave the boat when capsized. Failure to observe these basic safety rules could result in serious life-threatening injury. Be Safe and Have Fun at the same time!

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